About Us

Durley Saniware is not just another sanitary ware product manufacturer; it has been jointly founded in 2013 by a group of experts having cumulative experience of more than 15 years in the ceramic product manufacturing. Within short span of 6 years Durley Saniware has emerged as one of the leading manufacturer and export of exotic and vast range sanitary ware products under the brand name VIDA.

At Durley Saniware Durability & Aesthetic Design goes hand in hand to achieve extreme customer satisfaction. Furnishing a choice which last a life time, linear and precise forms however characterized by a strong identity that will be loved forever.

Vida is a synonym of aesthetically designed modern ceramic bathroom products, the best you deserve. We at Durley Saniware are proud to introduce Vida, an exotic range of ceramic bathroom products to suffice the inner desire of people with modern lifestyle.

Each master piece designed and crafted artistically, with extreme delicacy and perfection to meet the need of modern society. Pieces that, exhibit a design enabled to combine aesthetic and great functionality, offering too many a comprehensive liberty distinguished by a refined style, which is usually reserved for the few.

Whatever your personal style, with VIDA you can experience culture in your own home. This has resulted in a quality and diversity that cannot fail to impress. Our products embody classical elegance and reflect the beauty of both nature and urban design.

A perfect synthesis of form and functionality; yes this is how every space should be. With state of the art designs to create best bathroom concept whilst performing to the highest standards, Vida is a blend of unmatched functional innovation and an aesthetic that is ahead of its time, standard and style.


We have almost four years of experience in designing and developing unique,
designer, and colorful sanitary wares.


We make use of premium grade stainless steel, ceramic, and materials to
manufacture unparalleled quality sanitary wares.


We excel in making express delivery service in both Indian and
International markets.


We also understand our social responsibility to compensate the damage being done to the environment due to burning of fossil fuel.

We have planted numerous trees in and around our premises.
We have put in our technical expertise to developed water closets with capability of flush with only 3 Ltr of water instead of more than 6 Lts. to facilitate conservation of water, which is a need of the hour.